Monday, November 3, 2008

Mets final numbers first year at Shea 1964 record

The Mets finished 1964 losing 14 out of the last 17 games. They finished the year with a record of 53-109-1 , 40 games out of first place. In there 1 tie, which was against the Dodgers, earlier in the year in the 2 second game of a DH where they played 5 innnings and the score was 1-1. The game was never continued. It was not counted in there official team record.

The Mets in 1964 were 33-48-1 at home and 20-61 on the road. The only team they played .500 ball against were the Colt 45's . They won only 3 games against the Dodgers and won only 2 contests in the month of April.

The Mets attendance in 1964 the first year at Shea was 1,732,597. The Mets average 21,230 fans that first year

Charlie Smith led the team with 20 home runs and Al Jackson led the team with 11 wins.

Thanks to the baseball alamanac for some of the stats mentioned in this post.

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