Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mets 62 scorecard Still showing Shea Stadium being ready for 1963

Well I have to post this since I was just able to obtain a 1962 scorecard that shows Shea Stadium as the new home for the 1963 Mets. I love the fact that in the scorecard itself it boasts how Shea was going to house 85,000 once it became domed. The front cover has a great rendering of Shea showing the name Flushing Memorial Stadium. This obviously was changed prior to 1964.

The scorecard describes how the Mets will be hosting an Old Timers day with the Brooklyn Dodgers playing the Old New York Giants later in the summer.

There are mini bio’s of Gil Hodges, Jay Hook and the new Mets rookie sensation Jim Hickman.

The scorecard shows the Mets being blown out by the Milwaukee Braves 7-1 that night. What a shocker!

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