Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shea Scoreboard In all its Glory

There is something about the original Mets scoreboard which I was always find amazing. It was so massive to see when you walk in to Shea for the first time. Back in the 60's I have seen pics and read that the scores for each league were actually reversed with the American league scores on the right side. The Astrodome when the Astros played there had there exploding scoreboard. It didn't matter the Shea scoreboard was great in its simplistic way.

Included with this post is a pic of the Scoreboard from the 60's . Notice the lights illuminating off the white background. I always like that massive board above the line score of the game. I hated when it was covered by the Bud sign in the early 80's when the Mets brought Diamond Vision to the park. Check out the construction link to see shots of the scoreboard as it was being constructed.

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